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Many IP lawyers are licensed in jurisdictions that require mandatory continuing legal education (MCLE) credits, usually on an annual or biennial basis. Most CLE states require at least some minimum level of CLE training specifically in the field of ethics. For IP practitioners who are licensed in MCLE states, obtaining ethics credits can be costly and time consuming. Furthermore, the audience has no input into the specific subject matter.

Michael E. McCabe, Jr. offers IP ETHICS SOLUTIONS,™ a Continuing Legal Education program customized specifically for IP practitioners, in-house IP counsel, and other attorneys and para-professionals. This program is a simple, cost-effective, and efficient way for law firms and corporations of any size to offer CLE credit hours in intellectual property ethics. Plus, the organization gets to decide what it wants to learn. Some of the more popular CLE topics include:

  • Hot topics and latest developments in IP ethics;
  • Avoiding discipline at the USPTO;
  • Conflicts of interest;
  • Subject matter conflicts in IP law;
  • Ethics and IP litigation;
  • Ethics for the IP Para-professional;
  • Attorneys’ fees and sanctions as grounds for USPTO discipline;
  • Avoiding claims of IP malpractice;
  • Ethical risks of the unsophisticated IP client;
  • Unauthorized practice of IP law; and
  • What to do if you are investigated by the OED.

Programs are designed for 60, 90, or 120 minutes. The IP ETHICS SOLUTIONS™ CLE program is brought to you—we present live, in-person, high quality CLEs in the comfort of your office. So you can earn an hour or two of ethics CLE credit without ever leaving the office.

Mr. McCabe has presented on IP ethics before dozens of state and national bar organizations, including the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA), the Intellectual Property Law Section of the American Bar Association (ABA), the Intellectual Property Owners Association (IPO), the Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL), the National Association for Legal Professionals (NALP), the American Conference Institute (ACI), the Practicing Law Institute (PLI), and other national and state-level bar organizations and law associations. Mr. McCabe has also presented customized in-house IP ethics CLEs to IP boutique and general practice law firms.

For more information and to schedule an in-house IP Ethics CLE program for your organization, please contact Michael E. McCabe, Jr. at Mike@ipethicslaw.com or 301.538.1110.[/cs_text][cs_the_grid name=”homepage_posts”][/cs_column][/cs_row][/cs_section][/cs_content]

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