Where We Are Now: Evolution of PTO Ethics Opinions – Published In State Bar of Michigan IPLS Proceedings, Vol. 29, Issue 2 (2018)

Michael E. McCabe, Jr.’s article, entitled, “Where We Are Now: Evolution of PTO Ethics Opinions” was published in IPLS Proceedings (2018), a quarterly publication of the Intellectual Property Law Section (IPLS) of the State Bar of Michigan.   This article first appeared under a different title in September 2017 in IPethics & INsights.   The article is now being republished as the second half of a two-part series on PTO ethics in Michigan’s IPLS.  The IPLS article addresses the history of USPTO ethical issues and recent decisions that patent firms and patent practitioners who do business with clients through a “foreign associate” or other type of client intermediaries or liaisons may confront.

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