OED Announces Delay of Practitioner CLE Certification & Biennial Registration

On December 16, 2021, the USPTO will officially announce a delay in the implementation of the voluntary CLE certification program for registered practitioners, and those granted limited recognition. This follows a delay in the biennial registration statement, which will be implemented on November 1, 2024.  As these two submissions would work in concert, we understand that the CLE requirement, which was slated for launch in Spring 2022, will be ready by November 1, 2024.  Regardless, the USPTO will announce tomorrow that the CLE certification will be implemented with 120 days’ advance notice, which will include final CLE guidelines and specific instructions for making the certification.

We understand from the USPTO that these delays are due to operational challenges with the technology infrastructure, likely due to the changes to MyUSPTO and the positive identification changes being implemented by the Trademarks Business Unit.

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