Quoted in Law360: “$32M Dentons Verdict Could Put Vereins In The Crosshairs”

On February 25, 2020, Michael E. McCabe, Jr. was quoted in Law360 (including the lead story in IP360 and Legal Ethics360), in an article entitled “$32M Dentons Verdict Could Put Vereins in the Crosshairs by Aebra Coe.

The Law360 article addresses the ethical risks of the Swiss verein structure as it relates to conflicts of interest. The case involved a claim that Dentons committed legal malpractice arising from an alleged conflict of interest in an ITC proceeding, in which the firm was disqualified. Subsequently Dentons was sued for legal malpractice predicated on its conflict of interest. Dentons has filed post-trial motions seeking to avoid the verdict, and it also announced its plans to appeal the verdict.

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